• Dale

Sky Maniac mascot costume

Several years ago we created SKY MANIAC for Sky Zone Trampoline Parks. We ended up making four of them for various Sky Zone establishments across the country. Then the company began the process of establishing a program for all of their franchise locations to have a SKY MANIAC costume of their own. Plans were begun, guidelines were being worked up...then suddenly it all came to a halt for some reason. We suddenly got no responses from our contacts at Sky Zone and, try as we might, we couldn't get them to reply nor offer us any explanation as to why everything just suddenly stopped. I understand companies sometimes have to suspend or cancel projects due to unforeseen circumstances...but to do so without bothering to keep the vendor in the loop? Or even bother to send an explanatory e-mail??? To this day I have no idea why the project died. Oh, well, it could've been awesome, that's for sure. :-) #mascots#mascotcostume#mascot#mascotcostumes#mascotdesign#mascotdesigner#skyzone#skyzonetrampolinepark#skymaniac#skymaniacmascot#amusementparkcharacter#mascotcharacter#mascotcharacters#promotionalcostume


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